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The removal, repair and re-installation of 20 windows at the former Roman Catholic Seminary Scotus College, Bearsden, Glasgow.


Detail of  Seagull and Galleon stained glass panel repaired for Westpoint Homes. Flat conversion.


Stained glass painted reproduction for this Glasgow front door. High Crosshill. c1920's.

This panel was painted and kiln fired using a picture of the original broken panel as a guide to painting. Ideally it is easier to work from the original broken pieces, as this gives us more detail as to the quality/speed/mix/colour of the original design. Six firings were required (approx 8hrs per firing). Texturing the glass, trace lines, shading,  enamels and then silver stain to create the yellow / amber / gold colour.

Enamel paint firing stage.


Final silver stain stage with glass on easel in the studio.

Front door stained glass window repair. Jordanhill, Glasgow style Art Nouveau. 1920's.

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