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We produce decorative etched glass doors and windows in modern contemporary designs and traditional reproductions of Victorian etched glass.

A Victorian acid etched glass door reproduction. Stirling, Scotland.

Reproduction of a decorative Victorian etched glass door panel for this Queens Park home, Glasgow.


Etched glass for the Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow.


Etched glass reproduction of a broken and smashed original for a Shawlands, Glasgow tenement home.

 Repair and Reproduction of sandblasted etched glass church windows. St Brigid's RC Church, Toryglen.

Victorian  designs. A reproduction etched glass panel for a stair landing in an Alexander "Greek" Thomson villa in Cove, Scotland. Alexander "Greek" Thomson, Glasgow's other great architect, whose contribution to the architecture of the city is immeasurable.


The masked design applied before etching an Edwardian design for a Dowanhill home, Glasgow.

Glass table etched with words from the Gaelic waulking song "I will take a trip to Tobermory" for an exhibition Absent Voices by Iona based textile artist Mhairi Killin. (In Waulk/Wake (Wooden Bobbin rack, silver threaded bobbins, woven panel of silver wire, monofilament thread, etched silver, etched glass table on wooden table frame), handling of materials such as glass eroded by the etching process, translucent woven microfilament, text suspended in lustrous silver and gossamer-like frayed edges of weave create an evocative representation of the fragility and transience of human memory - Georgina Coburn, An Tobar Arts Centre.)

A 19th century Victorian etched glass window with ruby red flashed glass border with flower motif and daisy style etch. 3 central sections and 6 border pieces were replaced.
Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland.

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