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RDW Glass will carry out the design, manufacture and installation of the windows.

The term "stained glass" refers to the yellow/gold/amber colour applied to the glass using a paint mixture called silver stain. This is the final process in the making of a painted panel. The silver stain is fired in a kiln to approximately 600c and is permanently fused into the glass. Stained glass will not fade over time.

Blue Angel. Stained glass window designed to complement
an Andy Scott sculpture. Paisley, Scotland.
( The glass used was hand blown St.Just Barioles and Hartley Wood streakies)


A new Glasgow Style stained glass door panel for this Shawlands home.
( Wissmach Glass, Lamberts, Bullseye and Spectrum Glass were used ).


Cherry Tree Stained Glass Room Divider. This modern design was based on a tree in the clients garden and on the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. Scotland.
(Collaboration with architectural firm ATA Studio)

Saint Martha stained glass window for St Ninians Church, Bannockburn, Scotland.

Stained Glass Griffin. 1 of 10 heraldic themed stained glass panels for
Vale Garden Houses. Peterborough, England.

This griffin required 4 seperate kiln firings. The trace line (the outline of the image) is the first firing. The second stage is the shading (pictured). Next would be the enamel (the colour) and then finally the silver stain. (The amber colour). More firings can be made at each stage depending on the detail and/or the amount of colour required.

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