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Existing stained glass windows which have been removed from old and demolished buildings can be re-used and fitted into new or existing doors, windows or openings. The glass in older panels tends to have a heavier texture which catches the light better than many new equivalent types of glass. Stained glass taken out for double glazing can also be re-used.

Art Nouveau styled stained glass oval front door. Hyndland, Glasgow. The original painted oval panel (c1910) was from Glasgow Architectural Salvage and was incorporated into a new leaded panel for this glasgow tenement flat entrance.

A repaired salvaged stained glass upper sash window with a Victorian swag design. 1 of 4.
We are not sure of the name of the type of glass used in the centre piece, Viennese is one term used... although we do know it is no longer made. Others have tried but no success.



Glasgow Rose, for an Edinburgh home. Stained glass architectural salvage. This panel was resized by adding an amber border around the window.

We try and keep as much of the original stained glass as possible when resizing and using as close a match to the original glass for any extensions needed. We have a stock of old glass and can sometimes match exactly.

Butterfly. Glasgow "Art Nouveau" Style. This window was resized for a front door.

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