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If you find a stained glass panel for one window or door we can re create the same design using the same methods for side lights or transom lights. We can hand paint and fire, acid etch, sandblast or screenprint onto glass. We can also recreate older styles of glass by taking casts of the original.


Stained Glass Architectural Salvage. Glasgow. The panels above show some of what can be done in re-using existing panels. The client bought two panels with the same design from the salvage yard (left) which we joined together and made slightly bigger for a transom light in this Glasgow home. All the original glass was kept and a similar type was used for the extensions.


(Left). An arts and crafts styled window waiting for repair.
(Right). Two Glasgow Style windows incorporated into a front door for this Newlands home, Glasgow, Scotland.


Stained Glass Architectural Salvage. The above glass are rescued fragments from unknown windows.

We have a small stock of old windows in the workshop for sale but the best bet is the larger salvage yards such as Glasgow Architectural Salvage.

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