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Repair & Restoration. Page 6.

Auchendennan house castle. Arden, Loch Lomond, Scotland. Auchendennan House is a Category A listed Scots Baronial mansion by John Burnet. It was built in 1866 for Mr George Martin, a Glasgow based tobacco merchant. In 1902, Alexander Nisbet Paterson added the colossal Scottish Renaissance porte-cochère. Built on the site of King Robert the Bruce’s former hunting lodge (14th Century) it was also a base for the 12th Anti-Aircraft Division during the Second World War and a youth hostel. It has now returned to private ownership.

Repairs and reproduction for four hall windows. Thistle border motif with geometric pattern design. The windows were removed to be repaired as they had bowed and slipped, had broken glass, whole sections were missing and had a hundred years of dead bugs piled up in them to clean.


Broken windows in the workshop waiting for repair. Steel bars known as saddle bars are used horizontally to strengthen the windows and are held in place with copper ties. These ties can break and cause the window to bow. As had happened here.


Church - Flat conversion. Glasgow, (unknown church name/ next to Mitchell Library). Stained glass window repair. The original windows had been removed from the main entrance and placed inside light boxes inside the entry hallway.


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