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While the precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known with certainty, there is archeological evidence that the Egyptians were familiar with rudimentary techniques ca. 2000 BCE. Although this date is generally accepted by all researchers, some historians argue that the earliest fusing techniques were first developed by the Romans, who were much more prolific glassworkers. Fusing was the primary method of making small glass objects for approximately 2,000 years, until the development of the glass blowpipe.


Two fused glass windows commissioned by Naomi Cleaver, interior designer and presenter of Channel 4 TV's "Honey I ruined the house". The windows were part of a major refurbishment and re-design for this Glasgow home.


Elm and Glass wallhangings. A series of sculptures were made for a Studio Exhibition, 2005. Made in collaboration with Scottish artist Alan Cruikshank of Cambium Creations they are approximately 2.5m in length and can be fixed directly to the wall and backlit, or can hang from chains and be lit naturally. The trees were sourced locally (Wind felled, Mugdock Country Park).


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