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TextTiles is an antidote to the worn-out words that dominate our world. TextTiles are quality hand painted kiln fused art glass tiles.

TextTiles lets you construct the world you want to live in through words and images. TextTiles can be used in kitchens, bathrooms or as coasters for coffee tables, anywhere and everywhere. From little things come big ideas. Brought to you by Keira Mclean (Gestalt Glass) and Rich Welsh (RDW Glass).

TEXT TILES at the Notional Defective exhibition "This is not the Turner Prize", Drury Gallery, Glasgow. Conform. Obey. Consume.

 TEXT TILES presents Revolutionary Women by Queen of the Neighborhood Collective.

All glass tiles are produced using coloured glass. We do not use colour backings or coatings. Glass colour and text are permanent.

TEXT TILES for a fundraising project for the Common Weal. Common Weal is a 'think and do tank' campaigning for social and economic equality in Scotland.

 Glass tile / coaster  kiln fired with quote "seeing comes before words" - John Berger

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