RDW GLASS. Stained Glass and Fused Glass Art Studio.

Stained Glass Painting Class

Introducing our new painting class...

A day long workshop making a series of painted (kiln-fired) glass pieces and samples which can be stand alone pieces or used in future leaded and fused glass projects.

Using a selection of traditional and unorthodox materials you will explore methods such as
mark making, vinyl stencils, tracing and various brushwork techniques.

We will use different types of paint mainly by Reusche, Degussa and Rockingham.

We will make 4-5 kiln firings throughout the day. (An extra day may be required to pick some pieces).

Class sizes are limited to 4.

One day class £180.

All glass, tools, paints and kiln use are supplied.

New Dates

9th March 2024 

To place an interest please email keiramcleanglass@hotmail.com or caireen@rdwglass.com